Happy 50th Birthday My Special Friend.

Not only is today Father’s Day, but today would have been the 50th birthday of one of my most precious friends.  Many of you know her as my Wart because I am not supposed to talk about the people I care about to outsiders I wasn’t able to give you her name.

But I couldn’t help talking about her anyway.  In my profession people I care for come and go, but on occasion there are individuals that touch the soul and stay with you for eternity.

That was my Wart.  She was my light every single day.  People would say she way difficult and loud, but if you got to know her that was just to get your attention.  When she trusted you and really knew you she was so much more.

We spent many hours together her and I.  Singing in the shower in the morning while getting ready for the day.  Sitting up front with me in the van so she could point out her favorite cars and flowers.  At her home watching her favorite movies like Dirty Dancing, Annie and Pretty in Pink.

She would lay on one couch so she could see both the TV and me.  We would talk about Andie and Duckie.  Sing and Dance with Annie.  And she would just hang with me until bedtime.

The only thing I couldn’t do was tuck her in bed at night because she would refuse to go to sleep so the other staff would have to tuck her in.

One day she came home from workshop and gave me this bracelet.  I said she should keep it.  It was too beautiful to give away.  She said, “No I made it for you. Please help it.”. It didn’t actually fit on my wrist but I slid it on my hand.

I carried it with me every single day.  She would ask if I had it.  I would pull it out of my pocket and show her.  She was always so happy about it.

A year or so before she passed away my beautiful friend was moved to a different home.  I volunteered to pick up hours over there several times, but I was always told they didn’t need my help.  I only saw her at workshop.  I would be going to get another of my Little Darlings.  She would say, “Can I see you?”. I would say you are seeing me right now.  And she would say, ” Ok lets go home.”.  Every single time it broke my heart to tell her that she had to go home with her new staff.  But I would show her I still have my bracelet.

My Wart became ill and passed away.  A difficult time for her family, staff and me.  I thought about quitting my job several times.  I didn’t know if I could go through that with another friend.

Well I didn’t quit mostly because of my beautiful Wart, she wouldn’t want me too.  But to this day my bracelet is either in my purse or my pocket.  A constant reminder of the unconditional love from my remarkable friend. There will never be another like her.

Happy Birthday Lynne. Hope your dancing and singing in heaven today. Did you ever give Patrick Swayze that kiss for me?

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  1. momma says:

    A tear for someone no longer here.

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