This, That and Libby

A very good Sunday morning.  It’s a little after 7am and the rest of the humans are still in bed.  Libby woke me up to pee about 6:30am so I decided to stay awake and post.

Life is good.  Not going to lie, a little scared of the stacking up bills, but my plan for June is a budget and to set up payment arrangements on everything. Wish me luck I have never been really good at either of those things.

My Aunt Peggy and Uncle John came to visit.  It was a short but enjoyable visit.

We had our first puppy training class yesterday.  Libby did well except she barked the whole time.  She sounds like she is being mean, but she barks when she is scared.  We have homework to work on reaffirming yes, ok and nah ah.  And eye contact, sit and jumping.  The instructor says Libby is very smart.  But we already knew that.  Lol

Well we have another addition to our outdoor decor.  A metal wind catcher with a solar light.  When it’s really windy it spins and at night it lights up.  It’s just beautiful.

And finally the rest of the furry babies are still trying to adjust to Libby.  Molly and Cali carry on as normal.  Brandy avoids like Libby has the plague.  And Lilly is some where in between.  Still a little afraid but likes the chase too.  We do is try to give Love to everyone so everyone knows just because Libby is a handful they are still loved too.

Well this morning I am going through cabinets to see what I can donate for the garage sale at work.  It gives me a chance to declutter a bit and Lord knows I need that.  Take care friends!

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  1. momma says:

    The kitchen table is full plus the dishwasher but I did manage to feed the zoo this morning. You are doing a good job sorting stuff.

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