Libby Bee

A week ago today we adopted this little girl.


Her name is Libby and she is a 4 month old Labrador cross.  Which is a fancy way to say mix.  She is just an amazing girl.  Already very good about going outside to go potty.  Good about sitting to wait for her food.

Things we need to work on is not chasing the other girls, using everything as a teething ring, jumping on people and eating everything off​ the ground. Hopefully puppy training will help with these things.

We also hope to get get her over her fear of going for rides in the car and  public places.  In this picture she refused to get out of the car or walk into the store.  So Dad had to put her in the cart.

I thought I would never want another dog dog when I lost Tyler.  And when I finally felt ready in my heart I thought I would get a pit or a pug.  But Libby was an unexpected blessing.  Just showing me sometimes you might be looking for one thing but fate has something else in mind.

Besides who could not love curling up with  girl?

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  1. momma says:

    I’m Grandma to Libby and receive sloppy kisses and she loves to get on my legs. But basically she is a very well behaved puppy for her age. She understands no and stops doing what she is doing immediately. She starts puppy training in a month for the things she needs to learn.

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