I Think My Balls Are Growing

Yep that is right after years of being the nice and helpful staff/boss I have had enough.  Today was just the first of many days where I am going to start telling it like it is again.  It has been a while since I used this approach.  Mostly because I thought that I had developed relationships with people that meant something.  But in the last month I have learned what I am is that totally awesome person others can count on, but has very few people I can say that about in return.

My life doesn’t really matter to them.  I mean sure if I died they would notice, but my life means nothing to them.  As long as they get the time off they need, the help when they need it and someone to cover their ass it’s all good.  But when I need the same I get it’s to far to drive,  I just got busy, I don’t have a sitter or my favorite I didn’t know that.

So today I spoke up.  It is not fair that the boss and I are covering the open shifts every weekend.  It is not fair that we have to go behind people who have been doing this job for a awhile now and remind them what their job entails.  Enough is enough.

Frankly when push comes to shove now I find myself feeling very little for those whom up to a month ago I considered friends.  Last minute invitations to parties, not being honest about your life.  Not supporting me in my adventures show the very one sidedness of our relationship.

So here is the bottom line on all of this.  I will work the open shifts because it is a requirement of my job.  I will double check your paperwork because that is ALSO a requirement of my job.  But I will not be going out of my way to help cover your shifts or do the things I used to do as kindness.  Correct you own mistakes, fill up the fucking van and when I leave instructions do it.  Don’t give me excuses.

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  1. momma says:

    My daughter has no children but she does have me and I need time with her. I’n half deaf and have trouble understanding messages left on my answering machine. When she is available she tells me what the message was. i try to help her with the chores here at the house but she has so little time off from work that when she is home she tries to rest for the next few days that she has to cover. I was raised with a strong work ethic and Cindy has that same feeling but of the people she works with the ethic seems to be do as little as possible because Cindy and her boss will pick up the slack. It ain’t fair and if you worked for me my patience would have been used up long ago. How about manning up and showing your fellow workers that you are the type of person that can be respected .

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