Cooking 101

Yesterday I had a pretty busy  day in the kitchen.  That’s right I said kitchen. I made a wonderful bariatric cheeseburger pie with broccoli tots and for dessert Flourless half the sugar peanut butter cookies.

I am actually enjoying it now and I really like cooking for my family on my day off.  I always have a feeling in the back of my mind that I may accidentally poison them.  So I am thrilled when things turn out well.

I actually have a binder with recipes in it.  Things that I would like to try.  I am making my way through it slowly.  Next I am thinking chicken parmesan or  eggroll in a bowl.

Who knows maybe one day I will be so good I can make a whole healthy feast with no poisoning concerns.  Lol

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  1. momma says:

    It tickles me that you have been doing your thing with the special recipes. The cookies were good ( you could tell they were diet but they still tasted good). The cheeseburger pie was just like the original recipe. It would be difficult to tell the difference. Good job there lady!

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