Pain Meds and a Little Visit

Good evening my dear Friends. Just a quick FYI I already took my pain meds so I may fade on you.

It is Sunday night and surgery was Tuesday. I stayed two nights in the hospital because I kept throwing up.

Doing really well I think. But we will hear from the professionals tomorrow. Getting in my protein, most of my water, my required meds and am starting to get the needed vitamins in.

I had visitors come by for a visit and brought me beautiful flowers.

Momma has been taking such good care of me and I am glad she is here. I am pretty stable but knowing she is here when I am in the shower and having her check on me when she gets up to pee and I am sleeping is very cool.

And the house looks so beautiful! Momma’s and my decorations together give this place a special feel. The birds in the doorway. The snowman in the window. And a big tree the girls can curl up under and nap.

Yes I have some pain,but what I mostly feel is loved and so very thankful!
Good night friends and sweet dreams!

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One Response to Pain Meds and a Little Visit

  1. momma says:

    Happy to be here and help. Yes I agree the blend of our decorations worked out beautifully.

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