Thanksgiving, Pink Cats & Sippy Cups

Hi there friends! It’s almost midnight and I am delighted to have a few minutes to visit with you.

All of the Halloween Decorations are down and put away until next year. Now we are decorating for Thanksgiving. I bought a light up window turkey and some cute window clings. Momma surprised me with a light up turkey, a cornocopia (sp?) and a pumpkin that says “Give Thanks”. And today we found a couple of things at the dollar store and I found a couple at Rite Aid. I love decorating for the holidays!

Tonight I ordered a long pink robe with cats on it with matching slippers. It has short sleeves and zips up the front. That way doctors and nurses can check whatever they need to, but my ass isn’t hanging out. The best part was I had a promo code for $20 off. So I got both pieces and shipping for $39. Definitely not a bad deal.

I bought myself a couple of sippy cups because I still chug my liquids. Also a couple 7inch plates and a baby spoon and fork. All to help teach me to talk smaller bites so I don’t make myself ill.

I think I have a pretty good handle on everything. 24 more days to go. I still struggle with portions but I am getting better.

Well I am going to say see ya later alligator and get busy doing some work. Take care!

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One Response to Thanksgiving, Pink Cats & Sippy Cups

  1. momma says:

    You are indeed getting things ready for after the surgery. Smart planning my girl! I also am having a time decorating for Thanksgiving. I only put a few little things at the old house.

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