Stupid Little Thing I Do

I can’t stress to you how much I hate doing laundry and how often it seems to pile up.  So I started doing things to pass the time.  I’ve folded clothes while on the phone, watching TV and all the other stuff that women’s magazines suggest.  But yesterday I started keeping track in everything I washed, folded and put away.  Believe it or not keeping a count while doing it helped it go by quicker and I didn’t feel brain dead after.  Here are my results for yesterday:

I had about three loads sitting in a pile clean in the corner, I washed, dryed and added two more loads to all that.  Then it all needed to be folded.  This is how I broke it down and how much of each there was.

Hubby Undershirts=10   My Undeshirts=2 Hubby Overshirts=11 My Overshirts=9

Hubby Underpants=5 My Underpants=13 Hubby Pants=1 My Pants=1

Hubby Shorts=1 My Shorts=1 My P.J.‘s=1 My Bras=2 Community Socks=18

Pot Holders=1 Kitchen Towels=5 Bath Towels=6 Wash Cloths=1 Sheets=1

Yes, it is a pretty lame thing to write about, but it’s what I did.  At least I didn’t tell you how many times I had to empty my bagless vacuum to pick up all the cat and dog hair in the bedroom.  I’m saving that for next week’s excitement.  long face

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4 Responses to Stupid Little Thing I Do

  1. Momma says:

    surprised  My kid can count!  Can’t wait for next week to see what else she has up her sleeve!  Juat kiddin’ Sweet Thing!

  2. MrsDof says:

    You inspired me.  This morning I tackled the microwave, which was at the point where we were afraid to put anything into it because it would come out worse than it went in.
    This may be about a different post, but I have been trying to remember why it is that I giggle a bit when I think about you and your orange-flowered undies. 
    This morning, just at the grey light of dawn, it came to me.
    Years ago, maybe a couple months before my 21st birthday, I was working at a private hospital, waiting to see if I had passed my Nursing Board Exams.  I got called in to work Evening on my day off to work as the Bedmaker, which was less money but what the hey, I was needing cash trying to save enough to get a place of my own.
    So, I pulled on the proper uniform, white pants and green shirt and went to do the job.
    While one patient was down in PT, I was changing his bed and humming a bit.  I think the roommate was dozing in the recliner chair.
    Just as I finished, I heard a long whistle from across the hall.  There were two fellows over there, mid-20s, had been patients for awhile.
    Guys that age should never be expected to remain in one place for weeks on end. 
    They were recuperating from a farm accident and a car accident. 
    Apparently the one with the best view of the door-hall-across had called attention to the young lady moving about making the bed.  The one who had whistled, I looked over to see him almost falling out of bed, dangling from his traction and the railing, trying to get a better show.
    When he saw that I now knew what he was doing, he called out “I just Love purple-flowered underwear”
    Apparently, in my haste to earn some cash, I hadn’t thought about the fashion statement I would be making.  The other nursing staff talked about it for days, and everytime I went into that room, the two guys would ask why I just had on plain whites.  One even asked if he could get into my pants once he was discharged, but that’s a tale for another time.

  3. cindy says:

    That’s too funny.  My buddy at work is going to school to become a nurse.  In his clinicals he has to wear white scrubs and right before he started he forgot that he didn’t have any white boxers and had no money.  I loaned him a couple of bucks, but all he could find were gray.  If you weren’t looking you would never know, but I was looking.  I always look.  But at least they weren’t his black ones with aliens on them.  Thanks for sharing MrsDof.

  4. MrsDoF says:

    I added a link to this post, then copied my Comment over to my blog on 05 January 07.
      I’m still chuckling, all this time later.

    Basic Briefs

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