To Protect and Serve?

Okay I’ve been wondering how to say this and everytime I write it I feel I don’t do it justice, so now I’m just going to spit it out.
While wandering through the blog world I stopped by my brothers just to see what was up.  I was shocked when I read that Agron “Gary” Seiko, the traffic officer who killed Bill got a plea deal and it looks like he isn’t going to serve anytime at all! He plans to finish college and become a policeman. Why?  Somebody tell me why?
I don’t understand!  You can kill someobody, get probation and just continue on doing exactly what you want to do!  I don’t want this guy out there behind the wheel of anymore police cars, let alone carrying a gun!  Bill died and this guy gets to live his dreams!  IT’S FUCKING BULL SHIT!  AND WE ARE NO BETTER IF WE DON’T DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO SAY SO!

So what do I do?  What do you do, if you care?  We speak up.  We call newspapers, do interviews if we can, we contact the courts and write letters to the judge.  We don’t let people who kill people get off.  God people if you knew Bill at all, take a few minutes to write a few newspapers, television stations, and whoever else you think could make a difference.  I can’t change the deal that was made, but I can make damn sure that people know I don’t like it.  Police Officers are suppose to protect and serve.  Only person Gary has protected here is himself!

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  1. momma says:

    I can’t see allowing this man to become a law enforcement officer.  We all do stupid things when we are young but we don’t kill people with our stupidity.  Please don’t give me that song and dance about don’t ruin a person’s career for just one mistake.  There will never be a William Owens the forth or fifth or any children for Bill Owens, because he is dead. It wasn’t his stupidity that did it.  Plea bargain—-a man’s life is worth nothing any longer?  Don’t let him walk away from this without a few scars fo his own to wear!!

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