Sunday Selections

Yep it’s time for Sunday Selections!  Where you ask the questions and I answer them and maybe not say something stupid!  Here we go!

Q) How do you feel about tattoos and piercings?
A) Live and let live as long as you aren’t hurting someone else what the fuck do I care.  I think tattoos are cool!  I have three myself! I’ve got some friends that have some great tattoos.  My buddy Paul has this one on his upper arm that I think is so cool (help me out pal if I fuck up the description).  It’s an eye peeking out and Paul says it’s a demon peeking out from behind peeled skin.  He calls it his “Inner Child”.  My only thing about tattoos is I don’t like them on people’s faces.  I like to be able to see a person’s face, I think faces say enough about a person on their own.

Piercings are cool too.  I used to have three sets of holes in my ears (long before it was cool), but it was a pain in the ass to coordinate them.  Please put holes in anything you wish, if it makes YOU happy!  Again a personal thing is if I was single I wouldn’t date a guy with a them in his face, tongue or penis.  Skin should be smooth, barbells and shit don’t turn me on.  And as a personal favor ladies and gents when you are having a conversation with me please don’t keep on playing with your tongue ring and sucking on it.  It’s like talking to you with your mouth full.

Q)What was the last movie you saw?A)Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bolluck.  An okay movie.  I like the banter between the two, but the the sexual chemistry isn’t there and in romantic comedy its important.

Q) Why if your married do you talk so much about sex?
A) You must be young or your my husband under a pen name (just kidding dear).  What do you think when a person gets married your sex hormones dry up and you knit?  Well pal it’s like this I come from a very open family and we talk about anything and sex interests me.  I mean who couldn’t use a little sex talk/tip.  Sex interests most people, so it’s a universal topic!

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