Opinion On Dawson’s Creek Ending

Okay over the years I have learned to never expect too much from a series finale and most of the time I’m right in doing so.  I went into the series finale just hoping that maybe Dawson’s Creek wouldn’t suck and guess what?  In my humble opinion it didn’t.
I kind of new Jen was going to be the one to buy the farm, but I didn’t know how. I hadn’t figured out the love triangle yet because I knew what way I wanted it to go and I usually don’t get my way. But for me a show finally ended the way it was suppose to.  Joey and Dawson would always be first loves, but Joey and Pacey had passion and grew together and for them to end up together just seemed right.
The fact that they producers ended up making Doug gay after all the jokes about his sexuality was cool.

And while I didn’t ever really like Jen, the speech about her and Jack being soul mates made me cry like a fucking baby.  Of course Jen’s baby should be raised by Jack (and Doug), nobody loved Jen more or knew her better.
After many seasons it was time to say goodbye to the show and I’m going to miss the weekly dose of Joshua Jackson, but at least they went out with class.

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8 Responses to Opinion On Dawson’s Creek Ending

  1. Paul says:


  2. Chazzy says:

    I just finished watching dawson’s creek and I really love the show.  When it got to the end…I got really disappointed because I really want dawson and joey to be together. I really don’t know what the writers really thought about “The Creek”, but to me…I thought that it was suppose to represent Dawson’s feelings toward joey.  He thought that whatever or whoever got between them, they would always end up together.  Maybe Joey didn’t see this…I would really like the writers to make an alternate ending cause I really can’t stand Joey ending up with pacey.  I like to think that at the end, even with pacey, joey’s is not satisfied and during there wedding day she finally realize this and runs to dawson when he interrupts the wedding.  Pacey, sad but understanding stands aside and only wants Joey to be happy. Finally, everyone meets everyone again when they all visit Jen’s grave.  Dawson and Joey have childrens…Pacey happy and married to an older woman but cheating on her. Jen’s daughter is older and lives happily in capeside even though her parents are gay.  People are finally understanding.  Basically everyone is happy!!!

  3. cindy says:

    I can see why you would say that Dawson and Joey belong together it was the basis of the show, but I have to stick with my orginal response.  The concept soul mates became important to the show.  Sure Dawson and Joey are soul mates, but so were Jen and Jack.  Soul mates doesn’t mean you have to end up together.  It just means that you have deep love for one another that will last a life time or beyond.  So in my opinion it was fitting ending. 🙂

  4. Sweety says:

    Dawson and Joey are always meant for each other. The writers just wanted a twist…they should have spared us with all that soulmate crap…being soulmates doesnt mean that they cant live together….Dawson and joey are perfect and they look really good together…ending is really disappointing

  5. cindy says:

    It’s funny you should comment on this today I taped the ending of the show when it was on and I watched it again last night (Sat is out).
      Have you met your soul mate yet?  I have and for years even though I loved him, we married other people and lived very different lives.  When he died I lost a part of myself, something that can never be replaced.  I guess that is why the soul mate concept works for me.  But thanks so much for your opinion.  I hope you have a Dawson of your own! 🙂

  6. randy says:

    the ending really sucked.joey and dawson were meant to be together the way they looked at each other proved that.pacey belongs to older women and shouldn’t be tied down.i hope the prducers do one last show and make everything right.

  7. JAH says:

    The ending for the most part was good. It could have been better. I think that Joey and Dawson should have been together. They have a love between them that Pacey just can’t compete with. They should have ended the series with Joey finally realizing all she had to do was just allow her self to be with Dawson and to quit running away from happiness. Instead the producers(not wanting to be predictable)ruined the ending. It should have been Joey and Dawson in end.

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