The Sex of Soap!

Feel like I should be saying something profound, but I think one deep conversation a day is all I can handle.  So lets talk about the differences between male soap and female soap.  I was thinking about this, this morning.  Women’s soap has names like Caress and Dove and shit like that.  Guys soap has names like Irish Spring, Lever 2000 and Safe Guard.  And of course I believe all men’s soap has something to do with penis’s.  Irish Spring is what an Irish guy calls getting an hard on.  Lever 2000 refers to a penis and how big a guys wishes it was, and Safe Guard is named so that after you use your dork you wash it against germs.  Okay it is a little out there, but it’s what I do.  I really need a life!

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  1. Paul says:

    3 words…Cast Iron Weenie!

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