Mood Swings

I’m having a mood swing type of day.  You know the type, one minute I feel like a fucking genius and then three seconds later I’m a big stupid blob with no brains.
The thing that really pisses me off about this is that they come on so quickly and leave just as quick.  One minute I love everything about my life and the next I want to put a bullet in my head.
These mood swings also become more frequent as I get older and I’m telling you friends I’m running out of dishes to throw.  If my mother ever offered me her good china I’d tell her no just because I’d probably use it for target practice.  I know it’s really bad when I can take the plastic tumblers I bought and crack them as if they were glass.  Nothing has set me off, I’m the only one a wake here, I didn’t have a bad day at work last night so why do I feel like I should kick the living shit out of somebody?  Ever seen a incredibly strong fat chick punch a wall?  Lets just say it makes a peep hole that you could stick seven or eight large penises through at one time.
I gotta go lift some weights before I go after something vaulable.  See you tomorrow when I’m only a bicth, unlike today when I’m rambo-bitch.  Hey if my husband comes to your door begging for sanctuary let him in.  I don’t want him to catch cold.

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