This, That and Libby

A very good Sunday morning.  It’s a little after 7am and the rest of the humans are still in bed.  Libby woke me up to pee about 6:30am so I decided to stay awake and post.

Life is good.  Not going to lie, a little scared of the stacking up bills, but my plan for June is a budget and to set up payment arrangements on everything. Wish me luck I have never been really good at either of those things.

My Aunt Peggy and Uncle John came to visit.  It was a short but enjoyable visit.

We had our first puppy training class yesterday.  Libby did well except she barked the whole time.  She sounds like she is being mean, but she barks when she is scared.  We have homework to work on reaffirming yes, ok and nah ah.  And eye contact, sit and jumping.  The instructor says Libby is very smart.  But we already knew that.  Lol

Well we have another addition to our outdoor decor.  A metal wind catcher with a solar light.  When it’s really windy it spins and at night it lights up.  It’s just beautiful.

And finally the rest of the furry babies are still trying to adjust to Libby.  Molly and Cali carry on as normal.  Brandy avoids like Libby has the plague.  And Lilly is some where in between.  Still a little afraid but likes the chase too.  We do is try to give Love to everyone so everyone knows just because Libby is a handful they are still loved too.

Well this morning I am going through cabinets to see what I can donate for the garage sale at work.  It gives me a chance to declutter a bit and Lord knows I need that.  Take care friends!

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Libby Bee

A week ago today we adopted this little girl.


Her name is Libby and she is a 4 month old Labrador cross.  Which is a fancy way to say mix.  She is just an amazing girl.  Already very good about going outside to go potty.  Good about sitting to wait for her food.

Things we need to work on is not chasing the other girls, using everything as a teething ring, jumping on people and eating everything off​ the ground. Hopefully puppy training will help with these things.

We also hope to get get her over her fear of going for rides in the car and  public places.  In this picture she refused to get out of the car or walk into the store.  So Dad had to put her in the cart.

I thought I would never want another dog dog when I lost Tyler.  And when I finally felt ready in my heart I thought I would get a pit or a pug.  But Libby was an unexpected blessing.  Just showing me sometimes you might be looking for one thing but fate has something else in mind.

Besides who could not love curling up with  girl?

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Life Keeps Changing…

And so does our house.  This week we ordered a new chair which we are still waiting for delivery on as I type.  Then I was told my very old (like 25 yrs) ottoman should be replaced so that is done and we got a new little table coming to go between my couch and Momma’s chair.  It may seems silly because we have other end tables, but I like sitting close to her while we watch Tv.  That way we can hear each other better when we make our remarks.  I also upgraded our Xfinity service.  For the first time in several years we will have cable and internet.  The price difference for the upgrade won’t break the bank so we decided to go for it.

Being a family of three I try to get everybody’s input on any changes that we make to the house.  I want everyone to know their opinions matter.  I have worked where even though I am doing most of the work I didn’t get a say in it.  It feels so frustrating and I didn’t want to deal with that at home.

Once I find out what is going on with the chair I will get busy taking care of other things that need to be done.  A shower, the bird cage, going through my receipts for my tax appointment and probably a nap because I have to work tonight and a crazy day tomorrow.

The weight loss is going well.  My doctors are all very pleased.  I just have to quit slacking on the exercise.

So things are going well and I am pleased about that.  How about for you?  Well going to go get busy.  I will visit again soon.

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Scale Victories and More

This is my big news for the week.  I stepped on the scale and it said I had lost 100 pounds exactly.  I am thrilled.  I hate to admit it but adding in just a half an hour of exercise makes a huge difference.  I hate going but I figured out if I go after work I mind less.

So the next goal is another 50lbs by my birthday.  And then I will invest in some clothes.  Like bras, briefs and pants.

I had a busy morning, but Momma and I got the front windows decorated for Easter.  They are to cute.  A while back my mom mentioned getting a flag pole for the front of the house.  Been thinking more and more about that idea.  Will have to ask David if there is a place to hang one without ruining the siding.

This is our bathroom design.  We joke about having something to look at while doing our business. Lol.  I love working on these projects with mom.  We combine our talents to create some really fun things.

Well it’s time for a little Greek Yogurt and a little reading.  I hope your Saturday is going great!

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Cooking 101

Yesterday I had a pretty busy  day in the kitchen.  That’s right I said kitchen. I made a wonderful bariatric cheeseburger pie with broccoli tots and for dessert Flourless half the sugar peanut butter cookies.

I am actually enjoying it now and I really like cooking for my family on my day off.  I always have a feeling in the back of my mind that I may accidentally poison them.  So I am thrilled when things turn out well.

I actually have a binder with recipes in it.  Things that I would like to try.  I am making my way through it slowly.  Next I am thinking chicken parmesan or  eggroll in a bowl.

Who knows maybe one day I will be so good I can make a whole healthy feast with no poisoning concerns.  Lol

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I Think My Balls Are Growing

Yep that is right after years of being the nice and helpful staff/boss I have had enough.  Today was just the first of many days where I am going to start telling it like it is again.  It has been a while since I used this approach.  Mostly because I thought that I had developed relationships with people that meant something.  But in the last month I have learned what I am is that totally awesome person others can count on, but has very few people I can say that about in return.

My life doesn’t really matter to them.  I mean sure if I died they would notice, but my life means nothing to them.  As long as they get the time off they need, the help when they need it and someone to cover their ass it’s all good.  But when I need the same I get it’s to far to drive,  I just got busy, I don’t have a sitter or my favorite I didn’t know that.

So today I spoke up.  It is not fair that the boss and I are covering the open shifts every weekend.  It is not fair that we have to go behind people who have been doing this job for a awhile now and remind them what their job entails.  Enough is enough.

Frankly when push comes to shove now I find myself feeling very little for those whom up to a month ago I considered friends.  Last minute invitations to parties, not being honest about your life.  Not supporting me in my adventures show the very one sidedness of our relationship.

So here is the bottom line on all of this.  I will work the open shifts because it is a requirement of my job.  I will double check your paperwork because that is ALSO a requirement of my job.  But I will not be going out of my way to help cover your shifts or do the things I used to do as kindness.  Correct you own mistakes, fill up the fucking van and when I leave instructions do it.  Don’t give me excuses.

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Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Happy Valentines Day my friends.  I hope that it is everything that you wanted.  I am amazed how different my life is this year.  I have no desire for chocolate or roses.  I am so thankful for just having the people here in my life.

Yesterday we got some good health news for DJG.  Nothing wrong with the blood.  Which is excellent news considering all the things he has been dealing with right now.

I got good news today.  I am coming off my blood pressure meds for three weeks to see if I can come off of them completely.  The first time in ten or so years.  I have to take my blood pressure twice a day and keep track of the numbers.  If there isn’t a significant increase I can stop them for good.  Woo-Hoo!

I am still having a weight loss stall.  I will talk to the dietitian about that on the 22nd.  I may need to change how I get my protein or increase my calories.  One thing I do know for sure is I need to increase my exercise.  I know that will be a discussion point.

So Momma and DJG are having tacos for dinner which sounds Yummy.  I am going to have a piece of turkey burger.  Which is also Yummy with the right seasonings.

I actually think I might be figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.  I think I am going to get my CNA and become a nurse’s aid.  Because I know I want to continue to help people, but direct care you can’t pay the bills doing it.  I would actually like to work with other bariatric patients on the weight loss journey.  Who better to help, then a person who is walking the same path.

Well I think it is time to plan out my meals for the rest of the day and get cleaned up.  Have an Amazing Valentine’s Day!

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The Bargain With God

Hi there. Here is something that has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now.  In my close family I am I think one of the few that actually believe in God.  Which is cool.  I respect that we all have various opinions and I love everybody even more for because they can openly express those differences with one another.  There is a point to this I swear.

When I was prepping for my bariatric surgery one of the things I did consider is it is a major surgery and there are life threatening risks.  I prayed about that A LOT.  I prayed for the strength to survive it and if that didn’t happen I prayed for strength for my family.  If you don’t believe in prayer that is cool, but for me it was a comfort when I was going to bed the night before to have this conversation with God.

The day of the surgery I looked as cool as a cucumber.  That was the way I was supposed to look.  I had my Momma and my soul mate there with me and they sure didn’t need the extra worry.  On the inside I was saying some serious prayers.

In the operating room as I was lying there waiting to be knocked out and the surgery to begin. I looked up at that plain white ceiling and I made my last plea or more like bargain with God.  I said if I survived the surgery I would do everything the doctors told me, exercise as I was instructed and go to church every Sunday.

Now you and I know whether you are a believer or not that you don’t actually bargain with God.  Whatever is supposed to happen just happens, but at that time I was scared as hell so I bargained.  Lucky for me I woke up and as you all also know other then a lingering cold I have been blessed with being very healthy.  Thank God.

I am ashamed to say that I have not followed through with my bargain.  I do what the doctors tell me, but I have not done the exercise as I promised and I have not been to church.  Those are two situations I plan to rectify today.  It is Sunday which makes it an ideal day to get started.  Go to church and go to the gym.  Why not?  What will it hurt?  Certainly not my health and maybe it will lift my spirits.

Until I found myself in a situation where I didn’t know if I would ever take another breath again I didn’t know how I would react.  Does my reaction shock you?  Was it different than you anticipated?  It was for me, but it was cool too.  I didn’t know for sure that I still believed as strongly as I do.

Well friends time to shower and dress for church.  Have a great day.  I know I will.  Also a side note friends.  No matter what you believe or don’t believe remember my love for you is forever.  The differences are what make us special and unique.  Take care!

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Illness and Dealing

Hi friends!  I am still sick, but I hope I am at the tail end.  My new schedule is interesting and I am unsure how I feel about it.  The idea of three days off is nice, but it is strange to me.

Working alone is kind of cool.  I stay busier and I know things are done the way I like them.

I broke out of the 400’s this week.  So that is 85 pounds gone.  I am proud of that.  I am still having a hard time getting all my protein in but as I feel better it will get easier.

I really want to do something to bring the smiles back to the house, but I am not sure yet what to do.  But I will think of something.




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Bathroom, scale and sickness

Hi there.  It has been a while.  I haven’t felt much like writing.  I have been under the weather.  Which is causing weight loss issues.  But the good news is we have a rocking bathroom. Lol.

We started the new work schedule today.  Have to say it is pretty fucking boring being alone on shift. Yes I stay busy, but still it is a change.

I got a gym membership the other day but I haven’t gone yet.  I am still tired and find myself dragging.  I just need to find the motivation.

OK this is very short but I will be back soon.  Just need a little time to rest up.

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